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RENTown: Rent to Own Furniture, Appliances, Electronics and More!



Rent-to-Own is a flexible way to acquire furniture, appliances, electronics, and other goods without a large upfront payment. You make regular payments over a set term, and upon completion, you’ll own the item outright.

Absolutely! You can pay off your item early at any time. However, our Early Purchase Option allows you to pay off your merchandise at a discounted price if exercised before the last 90 days of the contract.

We offer flexible payment schedules to fit your budget. You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments. We’ll work with you to find a plan that fits you.

If your rented item malfunctions, simply contact the store and let them know about the problem. A technician will be sent to your home to try and fix it on the spot. If they can’t repair it there, they’ll provide you with a similar item while yours is away for service.

If you pay off the rent-to-own agreement early and acquire full ownership of the product, any remaining manufacturer’s warranty coverage will typically transfer to you.

We offer convenient payment options, including in-store, online, SMS text to pay and automatic debit/credit card payments.

Yes, we offer FREE delivery and setup within our local area.

No problem! RENTown is a great option for those with bad credit or no credit history. We focus on your ability to make regular payments, not your credit score.

We have a wide selection of products, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know! We may be able to find, order or offer similar items as an alternative.

We understand that sometimes things come up. If you are late with a payment, we will contact you to discuss options and get you back on track. However, consistent late payments may result in additional fees.

We offer short-term rental options. We work with many different businesses and individuals including but not limited to Real Estate Agents, Relocation and Insurance Companies. Contract your local store to see how bundle pricing can save you money!

Unlike traditional stores, our rent-to-own program lets you try before you commit. If you find something you like better, you can easily upgrade to a newer model. Simply return your current item in good condition, and in good account standing to walk out with a new version.

Yes, while we specialize in Rent-to-Own options, all items are also available for purchase at a set price. As always…delivery and setup are included!

We can’t wait to help you find the next product you deserve! Contact us today!!