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RENTown: Rent to Own Furniture, Appliances, Electronics and More!

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RENTown Benefits

Easy and Fast Approval

Complete a quick easy order form and our verification team will get the process started

Flexible Payment Options

Weekly, Bi-Weekly Semi-Monthly or Monthly payment options are available to meet everyone’s needs.

Same As Cash (SAC) Options

Get the same great Cash Price if paid within the SAC Term (180 days)

Early Purchase or Buy-Out Options

Another great way to save money! After the “Same As Cash” period ends, you can choose to exercise your Early Purchase or Buy Out options. You’ll still receive big savings if you choose this option to pay in full your account early

No Credit Needed

Even if you have no credit or if your credit isn’t the best, you can still be approved.

High Quality Brand Name

Our stores carry brand name merchandise that you know and trust.

Free and Quick Delivery and Set-up

Delivery and set-up of the items you rent is FREE.

Free Service and Repairs

Service and repairs are always covered for manufacturer’s defects. We will repair the item or replace it with a like item*

No Long-Term Obligation

Say goodbye to long-term agreements! If you no longer need or can afford the item you’re renting, just return it or call for FREE Pick-up of the item, before your next due date.