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RENTown: Rent to Own Furniture, Appliances, Electronics and More!

Why Should You

Rent-To-Own with RENTown

Upgrade your life on your terms with name brands on any budget and skipt the credit hassle!

See why RENTown is so much better then credit.

As a consumer with many options when it comes to shopping, we know the choices can be overwhelming. When it comes to renting furniture, appliances, computers, electronics and smartphones, RENTown is your best choice. RENTown does not require credit. We do not lock you into long contracts. You may cancel anytime. *

Whether you need a temporary appliance while yours is repaired or a student laptop for college, RENTown has you covered.

See for yourself how RENTown gives you the freedom, flexibility and buying power that a credit card simply can’t.

Get the brands you love, without the credit check.
NO bank needed, simply pay as you go on your way to ownership.
We base your payment on you, not your credit score.
No long term contracts with interest. Complete your payments or return the product and you’re done.
No interest! Stop anytime you want or pay off early and save on the remaining total cost.
Fall behind and the payment stays the same. A small fee gets you back on track.
Service is on us during your rent-to-own agreement. **
Return anytime with no strings attached. **
Refresh on your terms with our flexible upgrade options. **
Your approval depends on your credit rating.
You’re borrowing money from a bank.
Interest payments may be higher based on credit rating.
You’ll be paying on the interest years after you pay off the actual product.
The interest keeps growing, so you go deeper into debt the longer you pay.
Fall behind and damage your credit, which results in higher interest rates.
Have to buy additional service/warranty plan, or pay for repairs out of pocket.
Have to keep paying until it’s completely paid off.
Stuck paying for products regardless of whether you still want/use them.

NO credit needed and NO intrest. Choose the payment option that works for you!

See The RENTown Promise


The quality of life you and your family deserve

Simplify your life with the perfect products


Brands you know, love and trust

Proven quality with leading brand names


Lowest prices guaranteed

Product to meet your budget


Payments options that work for you

180 Days same as cash


You’re part of the RENTown family

Expert advise and support